Starting Over

I decided to wipe my computer after four years of using it. It was getting bogged down and I only really use it for music now. I forgot how long it takes to set up a machine. It’s taken me three days so far to get everything up and running. Thankfully I had no issues with all of my music files and they work wonderfully in Live.

Something I am really excited about is this book for creating music. I am SO excited about the release of this book. So far from what I have read, it addresses every single roadblock I have come across and more. It’s not a technical manual but rather a creative strategy guide to get you through the obstacles you run into as a musician. Especially one like me who works alone. I found it through the Music Software Training site. He has some awesome tips and shares his workflow ideas.

This is what really prompted me to start over with my machine. It may be four years old but it still works very well and now it will be a lean music making machine. I can get to work. I am impatient for the arrival of the book but can already start some of the techniques it shares so I am really looking forward to that. Stay tuned!


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