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Happy to say that I’ve released another single. This was a fun one for me. I’m very inspired by Aphex Twin. His ability to keep things simple but create an ethereal feel is so appealing to me.

I was hoping to release an album in April, but my focus shifted not just because of COVID either. I sort of like the idea of releasing singles instead of albums right now. It’s like gifting a treat every once in a while instead of getting the whole bowl of ice cream at one time.

Producing music these lat few months have felt different. My whole family is home and I don’t get those blocks of solo time anymore to really focus on creating. So I take what I can get and I try not to be too perfectionistic with my process. Some days are fun, some days are frustrating. But, with every new song that I work on, I’m learning something, even if the end result isn’t a completed song or if I don’t end up using it at all. Trying to find the little pieces of joy in our crazy world right now.


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