New Year, New Music

As 2019 comes to a close, I feel like I’ve grown quite a bit from when I first started this coaching that I’ve been doing. I’ve learned so much about how to stay on track and to keep creating. I’ve taken on producing music everyday, I’ve made it a priority now which I wasn’t doing before. I’ve been applying the new techniques I’ve learned and I have so many more ideas!

It feels really good to have some direction and insight moving forward. I am not so worried about quality, focusing more on quantity and generating ideas. Some of these are crap, but that’s ok, I’m getting faster and the muse visits more often no! My mindset is evolving into a more productive place now, working in the creative/producing zone and keep those fear-based thoughts on the outside, where they are acknowledged but are not driving my choices.

The new year is arriving soon and with is new music will be coming!

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