On The Horizon

A lot has been going on since my last post. I haven’t been around much lately. A move to a different city, a friend’s death, a family member’s death, making music, sharing music, and being mom and wife. I’ve slowly come back to creating again and trying to on a regular basis. I’ve been trying to find my place in this new town. Last month I attended a music producer’s social. This was the first time I had shared my music publicly in person, not through friends and family, not through social media. I don’t think I will ever been an artist that plays out live or tours. I have terrible stage fright, even when it came to this event, sharing my music with strangers. It was a small group, but you know, putting yourself out there can be nerve wracking. I think it went well, people seemed to enjoy it. I also got to hear what other people are up to. Even though most were creating in a totally different genre than me, they were creative and had some really good tunes to share. I will continue to go as I’d like to meet more producers and possibly collaborate with some.

In other news, I submitted my music to NPR’s podcast Invisibilia. They liked what they heard and hopefully they will be using some of my music in future podcasts! I’m just waiting on some paperwork. This is exciting for me, it will be nice to have my stuff out there in the world! Stay tuned!

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