Staying Home

It’s been a minute. Since I’ve last posted things in the world have gotten pretty crazy and surreal. I’m home schooling and doing my best to produce music every day, which has been challenging. I’m grateful that my husband can work from home, that we have a large open space where we live and that my friends and family are healthy.

In the midst of what’s going on in the world I’ve managed to have some highs surrounding music. NPR’s Invsibilia once again used one of my songs in an episode of their podcast. It feels nice to have them use my music again and that these are people that I don’t know that are enjoying my music and using it in creative ways.

I’ve also released a new single! Normally my husband creates my album artwork but he’s been so busy that I took a crack at it. I’m hoping to release more in the coming weeks. I hope that it can bring some comfort and good vibes during the crazy time. Be well.

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