What Now?

Well, it’s been a few months since my newest album has been released and I’ve thinking about what to do next. I’m still producing music, but I don’t really have any particular ideas that I’m working on. Everything is an experiment, I feel like I’m just playing and trying things, sometimes new songs come out of that exploration. I’m writing in a journal and trying to remember to bring my field recorder with me. I’m taking sone online courses to ignite some inspiration and learn new-to-me techniques. I’ve also been working on other creative things outside of music. Active listening has also been on the agenda.

My husband plays guitar and he has been committed to squeezing in time to play and practice, I’m hoping to use his skills on my next album. I’m feeling the hardship of producing alone at times. There is certainly a lot of freedom in doing this alone where you call all the shots and get to do whatever you want. However it can be very isolating and you miss out on outside insights and ideas. I’m hoping to open the collaboration door a bit more to find some others that may want to contribute or allow me to contribute to their projects.

I need to get outside my comfort zone, think outside of the box. Not sure what that means for me yet, but as also this musical journey is an exploration, an experiment. As long as I’m still enjoying the journey I’ll just keep going and see what happens.

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