Who is Firephly?

Firephly is Meghan Fohl. Her musical journey started very young. Her mother used to play records while she and her sister cleaned house, so her earliest memories include Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Captain and Tennille, and The Alan Parson’s Project.

Her love of music grew and she always had the radio on. She would call in to the DJ’s and make requests for her favorite songs so she could record them on cassette tape. Duran Duran, Stacy Q, Tears For Fears, and ABC to name a few. She didn’t mind that there may some static because the antenna on her boom box was broken. She wanted a collection of her very favorite tunes to play whenever she wanted. She still has a few of those cassette tapes. She plans on sharing them with her boys when they get older.

She’s always had a musical ear and could pick up popular songs and play them on her Casio keyboard. She took piano lessons twice as a child. She had a love for the piano, but could never get into playing the typical classical pieces. She also had a really hard time reading traditional notation and she let it push her away from continuing to play.

It wasn’t until she was out of college that she returned to the piano world. Her mother found a local teacher who used an alternative method for teaching and it did not require reading any notation. She worked with this teacher, who eventually became a mentor, for 5 years. She was able to learn songs but also create her own without using traditional notation.

After a transcendent experience in Tulum Mexico seeing Dubtribe play live on the sand, she decided that she wanted to produce music. With the evolution of technology, creating music became easier for folks like her, who had little money and no access to a recording studio. When Apple’s Garageband was first released, she was really excited to start playing with creating music on the computer. It was the first step for her in producing music.

She creates music with lush soundscapes, rolling arpeggios, minimal percussion and sometimes some rezzy bass. From a contemplative ambient groove sound to a more upbeat danceable vibe, it can fall into the background, or take you on a journey.

She has released four albums.

You can contact her at meghan@fohl(dot)com

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